NeoRouter client for Linux comming soon

May 29, 2009

We are really excited to announce that we will have NeoRouter Client CLI for Linux release soon. So far, it’s still under the alpha test. Check out the screen shot.


We plan to develop and publish NeoRouter for Linux, Mac OS and Mobile phone version. Thanks for the  hard work of NeoRouter team, we can start testing the Linux client now. Thought it’s just a CLI client, it supports all basic features, such as built-in firewall, computer list and so on.  It still has two components, one is running as a service under root permission and another is dealing with UI. It provides the same list as Windows version and keep the list automatically updated whenever changes happen to your virtual network like a computer goes online/offline, instead of just a command line tool. Since most Linux boxes would be running in the passive mode, it’s easy for users to remotely manage the Linux boxes using VNC, ssh, Samba, Xmanager and so on.

Moreover, we have already ported it to support OpenWrt, Tomato and FON firmwares. Can you imagine that you can make your Linksys router or Asus router a small computer and remotely access the NAS or printer attached to it?

BTW, the Mac version is on the way and would be finished pretty soon, as the most hard issues have been solved.

Stay tuned!

NeoRouter user base continues to grow!

May 10, 2009

After lots of hard work, the latest version of NeoRouter v0.9.6 has been released recently. At the moment, the first thing comes to my mind is want to say “thanks” to our users for their great feedback and bug reporting. Without your support, we cannot make NeoRouter perfect.

Luckily for us, the overall sentiment for NeoRouter is great. From our statistics, more than 50,000 copies of NeoRouter software have been downloaded and installed by our users, who are from 118+ countries and territories around world. We are very happy and excited that NeoRouter actually fill a need in people’s life, when they want to remote access a computer from anywhere easily and securely.

That’s our goal as well. In the passed few months, we did a lot for this goal and now we’ve a big feature list ( Besides remote desktop and sharing files, some features are really useful and unique, for example:

and more…

However, it’s just a good start. We still have some work ahead of us before great software. We’ve been working on the Linux version and OS X version and the mobile version has been scheduled in our plan.

Please leave any questions and feedback in our community forums. NeoRouter is designed just for you once we hear of you. Thanks for supporting NeoRouter!

NeoRouter – the network revolves around you

January 20, 2009

Welcome to the NeoRouter blog. We are really excited to announce that after many months of long hours and really hard work, we have launched the latest version 0.9.4. Thousands of users have now downloaded and tried our betas since the first version is published. We are very happy with the response from users and it is a great achievement that demonstrates the interest among users for this new product line.

NeoRouter is a cool VPN and remote access software that offers a FREE, SIMPLE and UNLIMITED way to bring you a cozy Internet life.

With NeoRouter you can remotely control your computers, access your files, photos, videos, printers from anywhere just like at home. NeoRouter helps you create an encrypted virtual network over the Internet that you can get in from anywhere by couple of clicks.

Check out NeoRouter at to learn more and begin creating your own network.